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star_dust_2's Journal

「 ☆ 星の砂 ★ o(≧∀≦)o 」
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☆ Who she is ★
Luana. 20 years old.Lives in Italy. Like her lovely son. Wants to go in Japan at least one time in her life and she's crazy & funny. She has one nose, two eyes, two legs and other things like this, and isn't an alien for your luck
She is lazy, Romantic ♥. Internet-Addicted. Graphic Addicted.
Loves 光 as a God. JE-addicted ♥
☆ Who he is ★
Simone. 16 years old. Like his lovely mum, he lives in Italy but wants to go in Japan, because it's one of his biggest dreams.
Anyway he's a funny and sarcastic boy. romantic. crazy. smile-addicted. sooo lazy. internet addicted and graphic addicted.
he's totally in love with 田中れいな . She's his godness. H!P & Johnny's addicted. Dorama watcher. ☆
☆ Credits ★
This is our graphic lj, born in an afternoon, when me and Lu were chatting on msn xD we will post our icons and also other stupid things xD but we also have some simple rules :D
★ Don't steal anything
★ Credit star_dust_2 or yamapi_chan or cafys if you use something
★ Comment if you want
★ Don't hotlink, please!It's annoying.
★ Don't claim ours work as yours.
★ Icons and other graphic-works aren't bases!

ありがとう ね (^w^)

~ Photos & Scans ~

~ Textures ~

resources/credits post on cafys' LJ

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